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Activity News

Summer Season Club Events
May- November2019

Sutter Buttes Hike

Buttes Hike 2

Sutterr Buttes Hike

Our club has once again gone out for a really lovely day trip this time to the Sutter Buttes. Just in case you do not know about this area, it is known as The Smallest Mountain Range In The World’, as it is only approximately 10 miles in Diameter. It is just west of Sacramento

We were taken on a guided interpretive tour by two members of the” Middle Mountain Foundation”. These hikes are not easily available as they are within the property of surrounding farms. They are only available with guides who are a mine of information. They led us around safely and gave us much information on the trees, animals, birds and trees of the area. We also found out about the indigenous people who used to come to  commune with nature, collect their food in the form of acorns for flour making, and other cultural activities. We saw the stones thrown up during the formation of the Buttes which are now home to about 100 different types of lichen giving a wealth of information to researchers. We had a picnic lunch under the trees and at the close of the hike we went to the Ranch House Restaurant in Yuba City. It was a very enjoyable day thanks to our guides

For more information on guided hikes in this area see the Middle mountain Foundation Website



Lik Observatory Guided tour

LIK Observatory

Another Great day ou twit our Club

This time 18 of us went to the LIK observatory on Mt Hamilton in San Jose. This was the first mountain top observatory and it was builtin 1888and is still in use. The road up to it was an adventure in itself. It was incredible windy, as it was made originally as a dirt road for the donkeys to haul the supplies up the hill to 4200 feet The views from the top were immense and very wonderful as the day allowed us to see for miles The LIK is an important Scientific research institution, run by the University of  California. 

We were taken around, on a private tour of the facility, by Gail, one of the incredible researchers at the institute.   She gave us the history of the place and much information about the research going on there. She told us of the community living there and how it is still changing. There used to be a school up there but is not needed at present as the children there are not yet of school age. She told us that they have staff members whose job it is to watch for airplanes when Laser Beams are being projected into space for research purposes. We saw the original Dome and learnt of many of the technological achievements, including looking for new planets outside our solar system. It sure was fascinating stuff. It was incredible to walk inside the Domes and learn how these telescopes worked and what they were looking at. There is also a museum on site and the public are welcome 

We finished of the day with a barbecue at a member’s home. Everyone enjoyed themselves and we once again thank Tami and Norma for organizing such a wonderful day for us.

Rose Marie Avery. See you all at Lake Tahoe August 20th


Chefs Day out with Joy

 This year after a pretty successful ski season we  had our first post season event. It was made great  thanks to Joy. 

Joy is a chef and she welcomed us into her lovely home as  Sous chefs for a Kitchen adventure. There were about 20 of us in her kitchen all wearing our aprons and ready to go .She had set up preparation stations for us with recipes and ingredients in front of us.  We all had a go at making a small part of each of the many dishes that were going towards the party food. It was very well organized with each of us spending 15 mins at each station. One person kept the time and sounded the end of each 15 mins.  Joy kept an eye on us all and gave us tutorials on how to do things efficiently and easily. We all had such fun with the occasional glass of wine too, smoothing the way to a great day.Guess what, we all learnt something from Joy that day, and will hopefully be able to put the many tips into practice. A number of men joined the ladies as Sous-chefs. Those that had no interest in cooking stayed at the Belew house during the preparation time, nattering and playing Pool .

After all this we went out around the pool and had a brilliant party. This time all the men joined in

Thank you so much Joy and Tami for organizing such a really enjoyable day, and thanks to all the others  who helped make everything run so smoothly.

Our next summer event is to the Lik Observatory  outside San Jose. It is scheduled for July 18th , (date not yet finalized) and will be followed by a barbecue. So look out for the information in the events section of this screen.

Rose Marie Avery

Ski Season 
January - April 2019

Winter skiing 2019

We have had a pretty busy ski season despite some poor weather . Several trips to Tahoe  were made, visiting both Northstar and Heavenly, in January February and March.

There also were, two 2 trips further afield in the US, to Big sky Montana, Utah and Mammoth.

Some members  went abroad taking a trip to Jan Val Gardena in Italy with a pre trip to Lisbon Portugal.
There is one more trip planned to Tahoe at the beginning of March and into April.

Everyone reported having a good time on these trips although one in Tahoe was subject to such snow and wind  in California that it caused the mountain to be closed. This cut most people’s trip short. However it did not put our members off from going on any trip that weather permitted.  As you can see one of the photos, shows how deep the snow was  and another shows how much one of our members was having a good time with  large plates of food . The second plate was not his but it certainly looks from the photo that it might have been. All the trips were well attended and the participants got together for lunch and dinner/party time each day. California welcomes the rain and snow,  as it has ended our drought but wish the Torrents / Falls came down on non ski days.

We are now looking to our summer event that both skiers and non skiers participate in. They are being planned as I write so keep an eye on the right upper part of this screen for that news. 

1st Trip out to Lake Tahoe
North Star and Heavenly  
Sunday 6th - Friday 11th  2019

Tahoe Jan 20

Great start to the 2019 Ski Season.

We had two groups. The first started the week on January 6th in Northstar and reported a good time and pretty good skiing conditions. Our second group started their trip on Tuesday January 8th  at Heavenly and were joined by a good number of the North star skiers. They of course started their evening with Dinner at the Blue Angel Restaurant. The next day they found that the Heavenly Gondola  was closed. Not to be daunted, the group went to gain the mountain by Tram on the California side or by chair lift to the Nevada side from Stage coach.They reported the snow was good but the visibility not so good. The evening was dinner at the Lake Side Inn. The next day the Gondola was opened so they could ski both the California or the Nevada side or in fact both sides, if they chose to. However this did lead to temporarily lost skies and one lost boot which was not found.
Of course the evening had to have a party to celebrate  the opening of our ski season. Thank you Patricia and Leon for opening your home and providing such good and yummy things for the party  It was definitely very much  appreciated by the approximately 30 people that attended.
Jan 20-25 the group is again at Tahoe

If any one out there wants to join our fun club. Tap on the green Contact Tab to the left  of this column and send an e-mail, from there, to membership for information. (Keep scrolling down to find the email section)

Rose Marie Avery

Non- Ski Season 2018

Annual General Meeting
and Dinner 2018

Annual meeting and dinner 2018

Well we are now ending our non-ski trips for the season and looking forward to another spectacular few months of skiing.This dinner  was held at the Hermitage Banquet Hall in San Francisco. As you can see from the Photos above, we as usual  have good food, wine and company, even if the event was really our Annual General Meeting.
Our president Roger Avery kept the meeting short and sweet. Steve  Beck was voted to continue as Vice President and Don Magdanz as Treasurer.Both accepted their position for another two years. The Club thanks them both for the hard work they have put in over the past two years.
Much Thanks and appreciation also goes to Tami Belew and Norma Dillon for finding and organizing all the non-ski season events this past year.

Watch the top of the column to right of this one for upcoming ski events.
For a summary of the projected events go to the  green menu at the left this 
column  Tap the arrow on 2019 Skiing Tahoe and elsewhere
Thank you to Tony Suh for once again putting together  this year, a really good Ski season for us to enjoy

Rose Marie Avery
Delta Boat trip

Delta boat trip augustpage1image2030144736

I am sorry for not including these photographs earlier. Thank you Barry for sending them to me. As you can see from the photos above everyone was enjoying a lazy hazy day of summer on the Delta boat trip- good eats and drinks, good company and great surrounding
Thank you Joe and Arnette Whitehouse for graciously hosting this lovely party on your House Boat. it was greatly enjoyed

Santa Rosa tour of Luther Burbank House and Gardens and the Charles Schulz Museum

Santa Rosa Trip

What a lovely day we had in Santa Rosa. We toured the Luther Burbank Gardens and learned how important he was to Californian Agriculture with his multiple experiments of grafting and seeding and enquiry. He spent his whole life looking for different and  improved plants to grow in our fertile soil.

Men and women are still experimenting and carrying on his legacy in these gardens  

We then toured his house and learned about his life and how he and his wife lived.
Our lunch, enjoyed by all, was at an unexpected place at the

Charles M. Schulz Sonoma County Airport,Sky Lounge. In the 

afternoon we  visited the Charles Schulz Memorial Museum. This brought back lots of memories for our group and it was quite amazing how prolific he was. Our Docent was a friend of his and was able to give great insight as to what made this man tick.
Thanks once again to Norma and Tami for their research and organization which gave us all such a splendid day out.
Rose Marie Avery

Remember to look Top Right of this screen for future events

Tour of San Quentin Prison

San Quentin outing

This outing was amazingly interesting, informative and  often emotional.  7or 8 prisoners volunteered to talk with us . They were extremely forthcoming about their reasons for incarceration. They spoke to us about their life at San Quentin and how they were taking advantage of the many programs offered them with a view to easing them back into normal life on release.  They stayed with us during the tour of the facility, generously answering all our questions. We saw where the prisoners produced the prison newspaper. It was very professional in every way and was produced once a month.  The prisoners also produce a pod cast called earhustle. It won an international contest in 2016 from 1500 entrants. We also saw the recreation Quad, the prisoners cells ,the hospital and  the prison ER,  the prisoner made murals and the old very dark dungeons from the 1800s.lastly we saw the execution chamber.  All our very many questions were answered.
The cages you see above of some of our members in cages are used for the prisoners during group therapy. What looked like a very non therapeutic situation  is in fact well thought out. By doing this the prisoner are  safe and can speak freely as no prison guards have to be present and other prisoners cannot become violent towards another. The Therapist is also safe. 
We spent about 4 hours on this tour which kept our interest all the time. 
Thankyou Don, Tami and Norma for arranging this excellent tour.
If you want more information about the 
podcast you can find it at
Rose Marie Avery

SF Walk and Artificial Intelligence Talk 

Presidio walk,A.I. lecture May 2018

Well we got off to a good start for our Non- ski season activities. 

Our third outing of the this season was a resounding success. A wonderful walk around the Presidio in San Francisco was led  by John Maerzke. We walked about four miles and really enjoyed the wonderful paths,forest,views of the Bay, and Coastal bluffs, and Andy Goldsworthy's Natural Art. Of course we started our outing with food at the Presidio Cafe. 
After the walk we went to Penny and Eds Home for Happy Hour and very substantial appetizers organized by Joy Crist
When we were replete Ed Feighenbaum treated us to a fascinating lecture on "What is artificial intelligence. " He then gave generously of his time answering our numerous questions with humor and patience.  I believe we came away with a greater insight and admiration for some one who can make this subject so interesting.

Thank you John Maerzke, Penny Nii,Ed Feighenbaum, Joy Reed  for a great day, and of course Tami Belew  and Norma Dillon and Don Magdens, for doing the overall organization. We also thank all those who helped set up our evening drinks and sumptuous repast 
See you on our next outing of a St Quentin prison tour and Lunch on June 14th

Rose Marie Avery
Outing to The Benicia Ghost Walk and house tour  

Benecia Outing

Well we got of to a good start for our Non- ski season activities. 

A number of  us met  at the Lindsay Art Glass Studio in Benicia and watched a demonstration in Glass blowing. The blower had one piece that broke but that is par for the course when such a delicate piece is being produced.We then were taken through the Old  State  Capitol mansion. This had served as the state capital for 13 months in 1853-1854. It was very interesting indeed. We all then sat down for a good dinner with the usual conviviality and enjoyment.   Later in the evening most of us joined "The fun Ghost Walk in Benicia" . It was led by Paranormal investigators telling us spooky tales of the paranormal history of Benicia.  It was interactive and fun.

For our next two activities See upper Right column of this screen . Make sure you sign up in plenty of time

The closing date for our tour of San Quentin state jail now passed.

We do however look forward to many attending the San Francisco Walk and Artificial intelligence talk.  Of course there will be food 

Rose Marie Avery


Ski Season 2018

Snow Basin

We are  at the end of a busy ski season which was enjoyed by all who took part. There were 5 trips to Northstar and Heavenly at Tahoe. and also trips to Mammoth, Utah  and Japan. The Japan trip included time in Tokyo and time in the Japanese Alps at Hakuba Valley.

It was a successful. and enjoyable season.
Our thanks goes to Tony Suh's whose organization made it possible for us to join the 70 + organization  at both Utah and Japan and join  our LA sister ski  Club at Mammoth. This all added to the enjoyment and variety of our club events,

We are now looking forward to our Summer and  Fall events. Look to the Top right of this page to see what has already been planned thanks to Tammi Beleuw and  Norma Dillon. There will be something planned for most months of the summer and fall season and we look forward to many participants taking part .  So keep looking there to see what is next and sign up or else you will miss a great time 

Rose Marie Avery.

February Ski trip

Northstar and Lake Tahoe Skiing 12th-16th February

We were off out again to ski the Tahoe area. We started in North star on Sunday and then joined the mid week group at Heavenly for Wednesday morning skiing   All in all 20 plus people enjoyed the week . More snow had fallen or was made and there were more runs opener our enjoyment . Every one could find good skiing. Friday began to get crowded as the Presidents holiday week end was upon us, but it was still fun.  Other than Skiing we had a party and Tami and Bill's place on Tuesday followed on Wednesday by a Valentines dinner at the lake side Inn.-  Yum. Thursday evening was hosted by Penny in her  suite with Pizza with Sides  and drinks . I would say this was a pretty good week for all . Thanks to Tami Bill and Penny for hosting the evening fun.

The club is joining the 70 plus club for a trip to Utah at the end of February and a trip to Japan for skiing and site seeing in March. We join OTHG -LA club at Mammoth in March.
Watch the top right hand column for info on our next trips to the Tahoe area.
Rose Marie Avery

First ski trip of the season January 2018

Ist ski trip 2018

Well the club was off to a good start in the ski season at Lake Tahoe, despite the lack of huge snowfall. However everyone found reasonable skiing.Some members spent the first part of the week at North Star and then more members joined them for skiing at Heavenly .On the Wednesday evening most of the group met at the Blue Angel Diner for a  noisy good time with good eats.On the Thursday night everyone partied at Warren and Carolanne’s House . Everyone enjoyed themselves and thanks both of them for hosting. Since then we have had more snow and all are looking forward to the next ski trip at the end of January.  ( See up coming events to the right. )

Non-Members who wish to join us contact the membership secretary by clicking on Contact us  in the "green tabs" on the left of screen 

Rose Marie Avery

Annual Meeting and Dinner 2017

Annual Meeting and Dinner 2017

We had our meeting at dinner at our usual restaurant, but at its new location. It turned out that the restaurant was not officially opened, so we were the first party they had.  As usual, they did a marvelous job.  The room was a bit smaller, but it was still great.  In fact, because it was a little more crowded, people seemed to be able to mix more easily and we had a very good time
Reports from the board took place

Electionof officers to next years board occurred

President Roger Avery, re-elected  in absentia. ( that will teach him  to be on vacation during the annual Meeting )  He has accepted
Tami Belew - was elected as secretary
Norma Dillon and Tami Belew  will Co-Chair  the non ski activities position. 
Happy Holidays to all, and we look forward to great New Year for everyone

Rose Marie avery

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

South Lake Tahoe Hotel Deal.
See the Event Flyer for information