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Ski in the Tahoe Area with new Friends.

We generally ski at Lake Tahoe for 4-5 days during the week. The early 2-3 days are at the north end where we usually ski Northstar or Squaw/Alpine, the choices being made at the time based on snow conditions and individual preferences. The later 2-3 days are at the south end where we usually ski Heavenly or Kirkwood. Many people join us for 2 or 3 days at one end or the other.

We generally break up into groups who ski at roughly the same level and we all meet up for lunch on the mountain. Every evening we will go to Dinner somewhere close by and have a great time. You do not have to join the group for each activity, but it is usually fun to do so. Sometimes if we go for a libation first, please remember that we may decide where to go for dinner after the first hour if you want to join us then.

Discount Lodgings in the Tahoe Area

We frequently, but not always, have discounted hotel rooms from Sunday night through Friday morning. This may not happen on the Sunday night of the Thursday Night If there is a holiday weekend.

Week-long Ski trips elsewhere in the USA

Most years we have at least one week-long ski trip to another resort area in the USA. Generally somewhere where your Tahoe Pass (EPIC or IKON) gives you free or discounted lift tickets. You do not have to have a pass but if you do not, you will generally have to pay for your lift ticket. Frequently our members may be able to offer you some of their discounted tickets from their annual passes. Recently many of these trips are in conjunction with the nation-wide 70+ Ski Club as this gives our members a wider selection than we can offer by ourselves. 

Ski / Walking trips in Europe

We generally have one or more 10 day ski trips to Europe or the Far East which includes 5 or 6 days skiing plus a few days visiting a near-by city or two. These trips are sometimes led by the 70+ Ski Club. Non-skiing partners are always welcome, as generally someone will lead some non-ski activities in the ski area or close by.

Hiking in the Sierras and elsewhere

When there is insufficient snow to ski, we hike. All levels are welcome. Then you can hike at your own speed / effort with people at the same level as yourself. We normally pick somewhere to have lunch or perhaps an early dinner at the end of the day where we all meet up to socialize. 

Trips to places of Interest.

In the summer we go to different places for trip round a place of interest like a museum, a boat trip, a guided tour round an old house etc. These are always fun and we will have a group lunch, dinner and / or Happy Hour